Juan Almanza

High School Junior

I'm a 16 years old passionate High School student from Colombia with solid leadership and engineering skills. Focused on creating solutions for rural populations and advocating for STEM education and gender equality.

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Selfie of Juan Almanza, a High School student from Colombia
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About me

I'm building innovative solutions to the most pressing problems in Colombia and the world.

My Experience

  • Research Intern @ Stanford

    Researched about audio signal processing and machine learning models to classify audio sources. Read the article.

  • Engineering Volunteer @ Virufy

    Worked on building web interfaces and data visualization on COVID-19 data. View Virufy website.

  • Founder Engineer @ Ninjo

    Builded a full-stack self-managed web application in Next.js and Express for over a year.

My work at ASOFI

  • Principal Engineer

    Leaded the development of all software initiatives inside the organization. View code on GitHub.

  • Leadership

    Leaded the operations of the non-profit including research and recruiting. Learn more about ASOFI.

  • Outreach

    Presented ASOFI mission and work in multiple conferences and research groups in universities.

My skills

  • Product Building

    I build end-to-end full-stack applications in React, Next.js, Javascript and Python.

  • High-performance systems

    Advanced Algortihms and Data Structures in C++ and Python, experience in Competitive Programming.

  • Leadership

    Problem-solving, Mentoring, Public speaking, Planning, Team managment and coordination.

My education

  • High School

    High School Junior in Colombia, 1st in class rank, led school teams in national and regional debate, writing, and computer science competitions, organizer in the internal Math Olympiad, and leader of the Computer Science club.

  • IOI Training Camp

    Classified for the national team in the International Olympiad in Informatics and the Ibero-American Olympiad in Informatics. Received intensive training in competitive programming, advanced algorithms, and data structures.


A image of the app in a phone


A demo of a offline web app to detect diseases in sustitution crops, Using Tensorflow.js and Next.js

A screenshot of the ASOFI website


A website for my non-profit ASOFI, Using Next.js, TailwindCSS and Notion as a CMS

A screenshot of a phone call with the searchy number


A voice assistant connected to internet that works through a phone line, Using Twilio and FastAPI

A screenshot of the data dashboard for Virufy

Virufy's data dashboard

A data visualization tool for cough donations, Using Next.js and TailwindCSS


Get in touch

Have a project in mind? Looking to partner or work together? Reach out through the form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.